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Древняя Греция. Семья, состоящая из богов, людей и монстров, пытается без кровопролития управлять одним из первых городов в мире.

Название сериала Крапополис
Год выпуска 2023
Страна США
В главных ролях Ричард Айоади, Мэтт Берри, Пэм Мерфи, Дункан Трасселл, Ханна Уэддингхэм, Дэвид Прессман, Эрик Бауза, Майкл Юри, Кари Уолгрен, Кит Дэвид
Режиссер Пит Мишелс, Отис Брейбой, Доминик Полчино, Джейк Холландер, Patrick J. Kochakji

Оригинальное название Krapopolis
Премьера 24 сентября 2023
Количество сезонов 1
Количество серий 13
Оценка на КиноПоиск 6.32
Оценка на IMDb 6.2
Дата выхода серий 1 сезона
S1:E1 — 1 Сезон 1 Серия 
Asskill threatens to attack Krapopolis, Tyrannis tries to use diplomacy to stop him. Deliria decides to build a temple to herself. Stupendous and Hippocampus give a trojan horse to the Asskillians.
All Hail the Goddess of Likeability

S1:E2 — 1 Сезон 2 Серия 
Tyrannis hosts other kings for a series of games in Krapopolis where Stupendous shines. Deliria makes the games about herself. Hippocampus and Schlub track and catch the cities first serial killer.
The Stuperbowl

S1:E3 — 1 Сезон 3 Серия 
Tyrannis returns from a quest with a girlfriend, but it was all a setup from Deliria to make him think he's a hero. Hippocampus, Stupendous, and Schlub fight and then befriend the species of wolves.
Wife Swamp

S1:E4 — 1 Сезон 4 Серия 
Tyrannis and Hippocampus release the only god they like, Prometheus, from his eternity on the rock, only to find he's friends with Deliria. Shlub takes Stupendous to the cyclopes island to find her dad.

S1:E5 — 1 Сезон 5 Серия 
Tyrannis creates a court system in order to absolve Shlub of a goat eating crime he didn’t commit. Hippocampus creates a sprinkler system for Killass in order to get back at Deliria.
12 Angry Goat Herders

S1:E6 — 1 Сезон 6 Серия 
Tyrannis becomes the life of a party in the woods, summoning the god Dionysus. Deliria and Shlub explore their open relationship at the Parthenon.

S1:E7 — 1 Сезон 7 Серия 
Tyrannis begins dating the goddess Demeter and is given an option at immortality that Deliria squashes. Stupendous and Hippocampus go to Hades to retrieve Stupendous’ shield from a fallen foe.
Please Demeter

S1:E8 — 1 Сезон 8 Серия 
When Hippocampus is ostracized for his unconventional appearance, Tyrannis takes him to a science convention where he is finally appreciated for his intellect. When her friend is turned to stone, Stupendous enlists the help of Deliria who is determined to turn him back and prove she is better than Athena.
Big Man on Hippocampus

S1:E9 — 1 Сезон 9 Серия 
Tyrannis struggles with a ruling dilemma when a citizen is ejected from a bar for wearing newly invented pants. Meanwhile, Deliria wreaks havoc on Stupendous' secret quest, only to end up in trouble with a titan. While hunting a monster, Hippocampus ends up sparring with a tree nymph.
Dungeons and Deliria

S1:E10 — 1 Сезон 10 Серия 
When Tyrannis is possessed by his deceased grandfather who rules with fear and a large scorpion tail, Shlub must fight to bring back the old Tyrannis. After Hippocampus and Stupendous bring a pregnant pegasus home, they release a range of mythical monsters to control the pegasus babies that terrorize the city.
Ty's Tail Tale

S1:E11 — 1 Сезон 11 Серия 
Tyrannis invites a suicidal Hydra to come live with him and his family. Everyone grows to love her, but Tyrannis comes to regret his decision when she accidentally embroils Krapopolis in chaos.

S1:E12 — 1 Сезон 12 Серия 
With Tyrannis' support, Hippocampus overcomes his imposter syndrome and wins first prize for his invention at Hephaestus-Con, only to learn that Hephaestus selected him for his looks, not his intellect. Rebranding her image into the 'goddess of no hangovers', Deliria unintentionally starts a city-wide drunken riot while Shlub watches, afraid to confront her.
Buy Low, Sell Ty

S1:E13 — 1 Сезон 13 Серия 
Tyrannis and Deliria go up north to find the dragon that is causing a plague; but when Deliria is infected with it, Ty must save his kingdom and his mom. Meanwhile, Hippo works on a cure to save the infected Krapopolis residents.

S1:E14 — 1 Сезон 14 Серия 
Hippocampus and Stupendous train an unruly group of town-children and accidentally create an apex predator. Tyrannis mistakenly attends an Anti-Tyrannis rally.
A Krapwork Orange

S1:E15 — 1 Сезон 15 Серия 
Deliria and Tyrannis attend an exclusive island retreat hosted by the goddess Hestia. Meanwhile, back in Krapopolis, Shlub, Stupendous, and Hippocampus host a group of old-time influencers.
Death Takes a Holiday

S1:E16 — 1 Сезон 16 Серия 
The city of Krapopolis reckons with a solar eclipse. Tyrannis learns that it is not a cruel punishment by Zeus but a natural occurrence.

S1:E17 — 1 Сезон 17 Серия 
There is a major god opening on Mt. Olympus and Deliria decide to mentor the nerdy minor god Salt for the spot as a way to spite her rival, Athena. When Krapopolis residents start moving to the wilderness to get away from the excess poop problem, Tyrannis makes it his mission to create a box that gets rid of one's number two.
The Majors

S1:E18 — 1 Сезон 18 Серия 
Tyrannis and the nymphs arrange a meeting to negotiate peace between the city and the forest. Hippocampus and Nymph Daphne hide out in Hippocampus’ bunker and start to have fantasies of each other, which takes a turn for the worse.
War with the Roses

S1:E19 — 1 Сезон 19 Серия 
A plague of Muses descends upon Krapopolis. Deliria struggles to endure Shlub's centennial molting.
Muse Your Illusion

S1:E20 — 1 Сезон 20 Серия 
When Atlanteans approach Krapopolis, Shlub reveals that Hippocampus is technically the king of Atlantis. A priestess visits Deliria and offers her services.
Prince Hippo

S1:E21 — 1 Сезон 21 Серия 
Deliria loses her memory when she and Stupendous transform into geese. Tyrannis tasks Shlub with procuring olive oil for Krapopolis.
Olive Oil Crisis

S1:E22 — 1 Сезон 22 Серия 
Tyrannis and Shlub go out to find the crown which Tyrannis lost; Deliria creates a new organization for kids.
The Tyrannis Crown Affair

S1:E23 — 1 Сезон 23 Серия 
Tyrannis buys a magic shell. Shlub takes Deliria to a monster wedding.
Remedial Archeology


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