Квантовый скачок
Квантовый скачок Квантовый скачок

Квантовый скачок

Информация о сериале

Через тридцать лет после исчезновения доктора Сэма Беккета, который вступил в акселератор 'Квантовый скачок', новая команда отправляется следом. Их задача - возобновить проект с надеждой разгадать тайны, скрытые за машиной и ее создателем.

Название сериала Квантовый скачок
Год выпуска 2022
Страна США
В главных ролях Рэймонд Ли, Нанриса Ли, Мэйсон Александр Парк, Эрни Хадсон, Кэйтлин Бассетт, Джорджина Рейли, Уолтер Перес, Сьюзан Диол, Элис Кремелберг, Элайза Тейлор
Режиссер Крис Грисмер, Памела Романовски, Кристин Уинделл, Тор Фройденталь, Сайлэс Ховард

Оригинальное название Quantum Leap
Премьера 19 сентября 2022
Продолжительность серии 42 мин
Количество сезонов 2
Количество серий 13
Оценка на КиноПоиск 6.1
Оценка на IMDb 6.2
Дата выхода серий 2 сезона
S2:E1 — 2 Сезон 1 Серия 
Instead of leaping home as expected, Ben finds himself in 1978 aboard a top-secret military flight, transporting a mysterious cargo. When the flight comes under attack, Ben and the crew discover the sobering truth behind their mission.
This Took Too Long!

S2:E2 — 2 Сезон 2 Серия 
Ben takes on the role of a bank teller in the wrong place at the wrong time during a dangerous armed robbery. Addison, Magic, Ian and Jenn come to terms with a shocking discovery. The team adds a new member.
Ben & Teller

S2:E3 — 2 Сезон 3 Серия 
Now a government agent, Ben investigates unexplained extraterrestrial activity. After a mysterious incident in New Mexico, two young girls' lives are on the line. Ben meets Hannah Carson, who may be more than she appears.
Closure Encounters

S2:E4 — 2 Сезон 4 Серия 
Ben leaps into the body of an ambitious Hollywood assistant whose famous client, Neal Russell, is in danger. As Ben realizes that Neal's circumstances may shed light on his own, his working relationship with Addison reaches an inflection point.
The Lonely Hearts Club

S2:E5 — 2 Сезон 5 Серия 
Ben lands in the body of an 18-year-old working for his father's shoe store in Koreatown in Los Angeles at the start of the explosive 1992 riots. Magic joins Ben on the leap.
One Night in Koreatown

S2:E6 — 2 Сезон 6 Серия 
At Princeton University in 1955, Ben must find a formula hidden by Albert Einstein that holds the key to nuclear energy before the Nazis get it. He's surprised to run into a familiar face on campus.
Secret History

S2:E7 — 2 Сезон 7 Серия 
Ben leaps back to 1692 -- the farthest he's ever been -- where he finds himself on trial for practicing witchcraft. With limited records online, the team must race to save him before he's put to death.
A Kind of Magic

S2:E8 — 2 Сезон 8 Серия 
When Ben leaps as far as Egypt into an undercover CIA agent caught in a dangerous game of international espionage, he must move quickly to save a woman's life.

S2:E9 — 2 Сезон 9 Серия 
When Ben leaps into a bounty hunter escorting the world's most slippery criminal, a deadly pursuit forces them to go into hiding; but Ben quickly realizes this leap is more than meets the eye. Addison faces a difficult decision.
Off the Cuff

S2:E10 — 2 Сезон 10 Серия 
A cursed treasure hunt draws Ben to Mexico in 1953, putting him between two estranged siblings struggling with their late father's legacy. As they navigate a series of lethal obstacles, Ben finds the real challenge is repairing this broken family's bond.
The Family Treasure

S2:E11 — 2 Сезон 11 Серия 
An anonymous source sends Ben and an experienced local Denver TV journalist on the trail of a dangerous conspiracy as they pursue the scoop of a lifetime in the early '80s. There's trouble at HQ when Ian's past decisions come back to haunt the team.
The Outsider

S2:E12 — 2 Сезон 12 Серия 
Ben leaps into the body of a 1974 Baltimore firefighter and is unexpectedly reunited with his time-crossed love, Hannah, and her son, Jeffrey. Trapped in an inferno, Ben must save their lives.
As the World Burns

S2:E13 — 2 Сезон 13 Серия 
Ben finds himself behind the wheel of a speeding stock car in 1976, but a terrifying threat from the future could sabotage the leap. Ben and the team risk everything to complete the mission.
Against Time


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