История девятихвостого лиса 1938
История девятихвостого лиса 1938 История девятихвостого лиса 1938

История девятихвостого лиса 1938

Информация о сериале

Кумихо Ли Ён (Ли Дон Ук) являлся живым божеством горного хребта горы Пэкду, но затем получил должность передаточного звена между миром живых людей и потусторонним миром. Его главная задача — навести порядок среди тех, кто нарушает мир живых, прячась за маской сказок о призраках. В людском облике он может похвастаться потрясающей внешностью, интеллектом и великолепными спортивными способностями, но при этом слишком самоуверен и временами может быть жестоким. На его пути встречается амбициозный режиссер-продюсер Нам Чжи А (Чо Бо А), которая совершенно бесстрашна, когда дело доходит до создания уникального контента. Сводный брат Ли Ёна, Ли Ран (Ким Бом) — самый опасный кумихо, который питает глубокое презрение к людям, несмотря на то, что живет среди них. Иногда он соблазняет людей, обещая исполнять их желания, за что в конечном итоге они платят огромную цену.

Название сериала История девятихвостого лиса 1938
Год выпуска 2020
Страна Корея Южная
В главных ролях Ли Дон-ук, Ким Со-ён, Ким Бом, Рю Гён-су, Ким Джон-нан, Ким Ён-джи, Хван Хи, Ким На-хён, Кан Ён-джон, Лим Ги-хон
Режиссер Кан Щин-хё, Чо Нам-хён

Оригинальное название Gumihodyeon 1938
Премьера 6 мая 2023
Продолжительность серии 70 мин
Количество сезонов 1
Количество серий 16
Оценка на КиноПоиск 8.66
Оценка на IMDb 7.9
Рейтинг MPAA 15
Дата выхода серий 1 сезона
S1:E1 — 1 Сезон 1 Серия 
After living a thousand years, Lee Yeon still takes care of those who are lost between the Afterlife and the Living Realm. Nam Ji A is a director who is always looking for urban legends. The two cross path at a wedding hall and seem to keep encountering each other after that. Is it fate? Or is there some unsolved business from the past?
The Incident That Occurred On Yeou Gogae

S1:E2 — 1 Сезон 2 Серия 
Yeon and Ji A shake hands on a fearless deal as she is desperately searching for her long-lost parents. One day, she has a nightmare and finds it odd how her coworkers also had bad dreams last night. Right when she was about to brush it off, she gets a phone call that her coworker’s mother died. And another shocking news takes her to an obscure island.
I've Been Waiting for You

S1:E3 — 1 Сезон 3 Серия 
On the suspicious island, Eohwa Island, Ji A discovers the truth behind the decapitated head along with some leads to her missing parents. But Rang who appears before her puts her in danger, and Yeon breaks a taboo to save her.
The Secret of the Dragon King

S1:E4 — 1 Сезон 4 Серия 
Yeon and Ji A wake up to see the island empty. All of the villagers vanished without a trace. They return to Seoul only knowing that a mysterious baby was born the night before. Yeon faces a trial for killing the shaman, and Rang pays a visit to Ji A.
Verge of Death

S1:E5 — 1 Сезон 5 Серия 
Yeon has finally found A Eum. But he doesn’t tell her the whole story as he wants her to live as human in this life. Then they set off to look for A Eum’s parents. Yeon finds out that the governor has something to do with the disappearance of her parents.
I Also Waited For You

S1:E6 — 1 Сезон 6 Серия 
Yeon and Ji A go to the Korean Folk Village to look for the governor. The governor refuses to give information on Ji A’s missing parents, and he starts attacking Yeon. Meanwhile, Rang is at the Korean Folk Village, looking for the item that let one see their past life.
Four Pillars of Destiny

S1:E7 — 1 Сезон 7 Серия 
The Imoogi that has been reborn starts approaching Ji A and Yeon. Yeon barges into Ji A’s house to stay and protect her at all times. In the meantime, Rang loses the eyebrows of a tiger and asks Yu Ri to find it.
The Trap of Samsara

S1:E8 — 1 Сезон 8 Серия 
Ji A sees her past life and how she was killed by Yeon. The two turn cold towards each other and Yeon dares not approach Ji A to prevent history from repeating itself. One day, a mysterious woman appears at the Snail Bride restaurant. She asks the same one question to everyone, “What do you fear the most?”

S1:E9 — 1 Сезон 9 Серия 
Yeon and Rang trapped in the Forest of the Starved fight the evil spirits endlessly. Meanwhile, Ji A reunites with her parents in her dream and begins to forget her memories with Yeon. Will they be able to get out of the trap set by the Spirit of Darkness?
Spirit of Darkness

S1:E10 — 1 Сезон 10 Серия 
Нет данных

S1:E11 — 1 Сезон 11 Серия 
Ji A visits Taluipa to ask where her parents are trapped.
Ground Cherries

S1:E12 — 1 Сезон 12 Серия 
Ji A finds her parents and Yeon is more than happy for her. But they still have to get rid of Imoogi. They find ways by researching all kinds of folk tales, myths, and stories, but nothing comes easy. Meanwhile, Imoogi keeps attacking Yeon and Ji A by secretly approaching them.
Catching Tails

S1:E13 — 1 Сезон 13 Серия 
The other Imoogi inside Ji A’s body woke up. In order to end this long fight without hurting anyone, Yeon comes up with a plan of using the Sin Slayer. Yeon, Ji A, Rang, Shin Ju, and the Snail Bride work together to get rid of the Imoogi. Will their plan succeed?
The Other Imoogi

S1:E14 — 1 Сезон 14 Серия 
Taluipa changes the date of death for Ji A on the list, and her husband leaves her to save Ji A. Yeon begs Taluipa to give him some time to catch Imoogi, but she flatly refuses. Meanwhile, people start dying of a strange disease that spreads so fast. And to stop Yeon from sacrificing himself, Rang comes up with a plan of his own.
Dead End

S1:E15 — 1 Сезон 15 Серия 
Yeon teams up with Immogi without knowing that Imoogi is plotting something against him. Yeon thinks he can put an end to everything and save Ji A by eating Imoogi’s scale himself and jumping into the Samdo River with Imoogi. Taluipa decides to help both Yeon and Ji A survive, but then Imoogi comes to visit her.
Without Knowing Imoogi's Plan

S1:E16 — 1 Сезон 16 Серия 
Ji A is in despair after watching Yeon jumping into the Samdo River to save her. She even goes to visit Taluipa to ask if there’s any way to bring him back. But then, Ji A and Rang get to meet the king of darkness who is one of the afterlife judges. He suggests that Ji A or Rang should sacrifice their life to bring Yeon back to life.
The Rewritten Tale of the Nine Tailed


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