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Приключения жизнерадостного и никогда не унывающего подростка Арчи Эндрюса, а также о его друзьях Бэтти Купер, Веронике Лодж и других обитателях Ривердэйла. Действие разворачивается в современном мире, где главные герои решают исследовать скрытую сторону жизни этого маленького мирного городка, раскрывая его странности и темные тайны, которые скрываются за фасадом видимой идиллии. В ходе своих приключений они сталкиваются с интригами, загадками, романами и опасностями, которые изменят их жизни навсегда.

Название сериала Ривердэйл
Год выпуска 2017
Страна США
В главных ролях Лили Рейнхарт, Камила Мендес, Коул Спроус, Кей Джей Апа, Мэделин Петш, Кейси Котт, Мэдхен Амик, Ванесса Морган, Чарльз Мелтон, Дрю Рэй Тэннер
Режиссер Гэбриел Корреа, Роб Шейденгланц, Стивен А. Эделсон, James DeWille, Кевин Родни Салливан

Оригинальное название Riverdale
Премьера 26 января 2017
Продолжительность серии 45 мин
Количество сезонов 7
Количество серий 20
Оценка на КиноПоиск 6.51
Оценка на IMDb 6.5
The CW
Дата выхода серий 7 сезона
S7:E1 — 7 Сезон 1 Серия 
After coming together to stop Bailey’s comet, the gang finds themselves transported back to a simpler time — Riverdale 1955. Archie attempts to impress the new girl Veronica. Toni, Tabitha and Betty take a stand against Principal Featherhead. Meanwhile, Jughead attempts to convince the gang that they're from the future.
Chapter One Hundred Eighteen: Don't Worry Darling

S7:E2 — 7 Сезон 2 Серия 
Riverdale High's sock hop is around the corner and Archie has his sights set on taking Veronica (Camila Mendes) to the dance. Betty is confused when Kevin appears uninterested in taking things to the next level with her. Elsewhere, Jughead takes aim at Pep Comics, and Toni attempts to convince Cheryl to let Fangs perform at the sock hop.
Chapter One Hundred Nineteen: Skip, Hop and Thump!

S7:E3 — 7 Сезон 3 Серия 
After a lesson in sex education leaves the gang more confused than ever, Veronica decides to organize a make-out party at the Pembrooke. Elsewhere, Jughead attempts to help Ethel out of some trouble only to find himself in hot water as well.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty: Sex Education

S7:E4 — 7 Сезон 4 Серия 
After enlisting Archie's help, Cheryl's plan to fool her family spirals out of control. Jughead turns to Veronica for help after finding himself in some trouble, and Betty gives Kevin an ultimatum.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-One: Love & Marriage

S7:E5 — 7 Сезон 5 Серия 
Principal Featherhead takes aim at the negative influence comic books have over kids, just as Jughead is tasked by Pep Comics to write four tales for a new issue.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Two: Tales in a Jugular Vein

S7:E6 — 7 Сезон 6 Серия 
At her wits end over Archie’s recent actions, Mary turns to Uncle Frank to get him back on track. Meanwhile, Betty asks Veronica for help understanding her sexuality. Elsewhere, Jughead takes action after he discovers plagiarism taking place at Pep Comics, and Cheryl and Toni’s budding attraction catches the attention of some River Vixens
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Three: Peep Show

S7:E7 — 7 Сезон 7 Серия 
Fearing that Betty is going down the wrong path, Alice forces her to join the after-school dance show, "American Grandstand." Meanwhile, Kevin is forced by Tom to join the Riverdale High basketball team, and Veronica finds herself cut off by her parents.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Four: Dirty Dancing

S7:E8 — 7 Сезон 8 Серия 
In order to keep Riverdale High's basketball legacy alive, Frank and Archie recruit a new player to the team - a quiet farm boy named Reggie Mantle. Tabitha's return to school inspires Toni to start a literary society for Riverdale's Black students. Alice forces Betty to join the River Vixens, and Kevin starts a new job at the Babylonium.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Five: Hoop Dreams

S7:E9 — 7 Сезон 9 Серия 
After devising a plan to bring in some money at the Babylonium, Veronica is surprised to learn somebody may be sabotaging her. Elsewhere, after beginning sessions with Dr. Werthers, Betty begins to question his motives.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: Betty & Veronica Double Digest

S7:E10 — 7 Сезон 10 Серия 
Jughead and Tabitha team up to investigate a mystery involving Ray Bradbury. Cheryl asks Toni if she can attend an afterschool book club with her and other Black students. Betty and Veronica ask Archie and Reggie out on a double date, and Fangs prepares for his first big gig.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Seven: American Graffiti

S7:E11 — 7 Сезон 11 Серия 
Veronica decides to host a ghost show after learning that Riverdale doesn't celebrate Halloween the way she's use to in LA. Betty makes the most out of her night out with Archie and Reggie, and Jughead makes a major discovery in a mystery brewing in Riverdale.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Eight: Halloween II

S7:E12 — 7 Сезон 12 Серия 
Archie and Reggie lean on each other as they prepare for their big basketball game against Stonewall Prep. Meanwhile, as they deal with ongoing issues with their parents, Betty and Veronica decide to throw a slumber party with Kevin and Clay.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Nine: After the Fall

S7:E13 — 7 Сезон 13 Серия 
Panic ensues after Archie and the gang learn that Mrs. Thornton is accused of being a communist. Cheryl's father Clifford forces her to out gay students at Riverdale High or risk losing power over the Vixens. Meanwhile, Hiram's surprise arrival to town is quickly met with suspicion by Veronica, and Jughead devises a plan to get around a boycott of comic books.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty: The Crucible

S7:E14 — 7 Сезон 14 Серия 
After Principal Featherhead agrees to let Kevin present him with an original musical written by him and Clay, Kevin learns the group might not be as into it as he had hoped. Elsewhere, musical rehearsals prompt Archie to question what he wants in life, while Betty and Veronica confront what's going on between them.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-One: Archie the Musical

S7:E15 — 7 Сезон 15 Серия 
It's time for the town's annual Miss Teen Riverdale pageant and Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and Toni each have their own reasons for entering. However, when Alice doesn't allow Ethel to enter the pageant, the girls band together to make sure she has a fighting chance.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Two: Miss Teen Riverdale

S7:E16 — 7 Сезон 16 Серия 
Veronica sets up a screening at the Babylonium after Julian gets his hands on a stag film and invites Archie, Reggie and the guys over for a watch party. Betty unexpectedly reunites with Polly and learns about her sister's new life in New York. Elsewhere, Jughead goes to war with Dr. Werthers over his censure of comic books.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Three: Stag

S7:E17 — 7 Сезон 17 Серия 
Betty enlists help from Cheryl and Toni after deciding she's going to publish her own book. Veronica, Kevin and Clay host Hollywood movie star Josie McCoy, who is in town to screen her latest film. Finally, Archie's attempt to take his poetry to the next level doesn't go as planned.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat

S7:E18 — 7 Сезон 18 Серия 
As the gang gets swept up in Cold War paranoia, a new mystery brewing in Riverdale leads Jughead to suspect it may have ties to a string of suspicious murders in town. Archie reconsiders his future after Uncle Frank gives him a hard time about his poetry writing, and a shocking discovery involving her family shakes Betty to her core.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Five: For a Better Tomorrow

S7:E19 — 7 Сезон 19 Серия 
As the town's past secrets start to bubble to the surface, Jughead and the gang are forced to make a difficult decision that will change each of their lives forever.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Six: The Golden Age of Television

S7:E20 — 7 Сезон 20 Серия 
Back in the present day and longing for her former life in Riverdale, 86-year-old Betty turns to a special friend to help her relive her last day of senior year with her friends as they were, their memories restored.
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Seven: Goodbye, Riverdale


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